3D Modeling and Drafting

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With the latest 3D modeling tools, we can show you how your finished project will look and fit. Whether you are interested to see how a new piece of equipment will fit in an existing space or need a BIM model of a proposed building, our team is equipped to create your 3D model. Our goal is to create high-quality construction models and accurate drawings for your project.

BIM Modeling

3D modeling is an innovative tool to help visualize a project before the first beam is erected. Full scale rendering, clash detection and clearance checks are a few of the distinct advantages of modeling a project in 3D.

3D Models from Scan Point Clouds

Structural engineering is not limited to new construction. Many projects involve existing spaces. We partner with 3D scanning companies to create high-resolution point clouds to import into a 3D model, as a means to avoid construction woes.

Plant Layout & General Arrangements

A well-functioning plant does not happen by accident. Extensive planning is key. TLF can create and maintain plant layout and general arrangement drawings that capture the changing needs of a facility.

Basic Equipment Models

Our 3D modeling services are not limited to steel beams and concrete. New and existing equipment must also be modeled to see the full picture. Equipment models can be accurately created from point clouds or manufacturer’s drawings.

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